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James Peters

Regional Tournament Info Posted?

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Now that we are past the middle of January 2019, it would nice to open the USGTF website and read when the 2019 Regional tournaments are going to happen. Some of us do planning with our calendars. One-day or two-days? Cost of entry? I know from talking to members that the Southwest and Southeast tournaments will happen sometime in May, hopefully at least two weeks apart. The Northeast tournament usually is later June. The Central tournament has been listed on the Michigan-Ontario Golf Teachers Tour (MOGTT) website, along with their full schedule for some time now. I have a personal mini-goal to play in them all, so maybe the Northwest tournament won't be a week apart from the Southeast, like last year. I maintain two websites -- my own and another for a hobby club I belong to. How hard can this be?  

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Hey Jim, I am planning to be in Texas in May and will see you in August hopefully as well. I will try to show your name when i hold up the trophy !!!!!!!     LOL

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