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  1. woody hoover

    2011 Southeast Region Championship

    Hey guy's, Just talked to Cappy Cappadona...he's coming. Woody Hoover is coming. Who else is coming?????????? Really great time. Angelo's can only be a plus for a great weekend.
  2. woody hoover

    2011 Southeast Region Championship

    That's OK, Friday night will do. Friday night was steak night last year. Geof tore up a 20 oz steak.
  3. woody hoover

    Happy Holidays

  4. woody hoover

    July 2010 Editorial

  5. woody hoover


    Bill, It is a loooong way from La. to Delaware. If you were to fit me for clubs and other interested USGTF (?) or WGTF members, what specs would you need without us actually being at your facility?
  6. woody hoover

    Board May Be Shutdown

    Mark, We have discussed the lack of use of the forum personally. I am also confused why the membership is not taking advantage of this tool they have asked for. I hear all the time the negatives about our organization and what can be done to improve our standing in the golfing world. This is a start. No organization is better than its members. Having said this, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE
  7. woody hoover

    Proposal: Eliminate Age Divisions, Go By Skill Level

    Mark, Good decision. The age divisions have served the USGTF tourneys well over the years. We now have a "TIGER" in the mix. It is time for us old guys to elevate our games. Practice what we teach if we want to compete.
  8. woody hoover

    How come you guys never talk

    Bill, Hey guy's Let's not let this one die I went to your website and clicked on affilitates. I was impressed by the two I selected promoted name brand golf equipment. The " stigma " of clubfitting in the past was very much abused by garage part-timers that sold " clones " and junk. I was just wondering if this has been a hard road to overcome. Most " custom clubs " still have that stigma. Ping really started the fitting with major brands which all offer clubs to order. The new fittings stations that allow clubs and shafts to be taken apart and demoed has help them onsite locations. It is still my opinion the people doing these demos do not have the expertise you and the other Bill have. It is great to have you in our organization. Keep us up to date on the newest technolgies.
  9. woody hoover

    Golf swing training aids

    Bill, Very interesting trainer. The website has not published a price. The order section is under construction. How much?
  10. woody hoover

    Golf swing training aids

    Bill, I feel the best swing trainers are the ones that allow you to hit balls while using them. The Power Driver, Medicus hinged clubs , Dream Swing and the Inside Approach are good ones that come to mind. A lot of swing trainers are too restrictive that attach to the body and others only address one specific swing action i.e. Kalasy Swing Majic. You do have to be careful with them. I used the Inside Approach on one of my kids and he developed a dip swinging down and under the device. He lost his spine angle which causes more problems than the over the top move that the trainer is supposed to solve. Swing trainers are not the answer. I firmly believe until the golfer understands and feels the moves that cause erractic ball flight will he ever improve. He has to put in the time on the range practicing the corrective actions that he has learned from taking lessons. Not just beating balls.
  11. woody hoover

    How come you guys never talk

    I just read an article in this issue of Golf Magazine about Anthony Kim's grip. He advocates choking down 2" on the shaft of his driver He stated he only lost about 10 yards doing this but has gained more consistency with his game. From a clubfitters point of view, what is your opinion? Does choking down on the shaft change any of the flex, kick point etc. ? Would a shorter shaft fitted to his swing be the same thing? Certainly he has the availabilty of a manufactor whose clubs he plays. As kids playing baseball we were all taught to "choke up" for better bat control. The big hitters in the majors used longer bats drilled out and corked up to increase bat speed. Articles like this one can be confusing to the golfer. Someone is always trying to re-invent the wheel.
  12. woody hoover

    How come you guys never talk

    Bills, Each of your posts state the main objective is to have the golfer hit the center of the clubface. Swings flaws such as standing too far from the ball and an excessive inside/outside swing path cause the golfer to hit the ball on the toe of the club. With all this technolgy which is more important to correct toe hits on drivers? Lengrh? Shaft flex?
  13. woody hoover

    How come you guys never talk

    Thanks Bill's Both of your answers to my question were very informative. I hope members respond and take advantage of each of your expertise and ask a question
  14. woody hoover

    How come you guys never talk

    Bill, Please help me out on this one. At one point an increase in shaft length was supposed to give a golfer more distance. Now shafts come in all different weights to help generate swing speed. How do you determine the correct length and weight ? Any added length increases swing weight?