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  1. Ted Williams

    Who's Gonna Win?

    There is no mention of Mr. Douris on this esteemed list. Will he be attending we wonder? Team Canada is looking strong with some strong play from familiar players and some new names. The event should be quite exciting this year. We are coming for you all, eh!
  2. Ted Williams


    I agree Mark. I am only 2 yrs in and the World Cup experience was great and the USGTF this year and last are now events that I look forward to attending. I enjoy the camraderie and playing, meeting new people of similar interests is rewarding. Friendships are established and golfing for 4 days in a row , you can't beat it. I am really looking forward to next year already. Hope to see a big crowd from all over the world. Go low!
  3. Ted Williams

    October 2010 Editorial

    Good words Mark. I am a competitive individual, I currently have a small following in which I am able to use my skills to assist others. I look forward to playing in tournaments with the intention of winning. What I find amazing is that each time I play in a tournament there is usually some aspect of my game that needs a little adaptation, so adapt I do. The courses we play are beautiful, the individuals I play with are at various levels of ability, but all are genuine and I truly enjoy their company. I make new friends. The field for the U.S.G.T.F. Cup was satisfactory, ladies division was great, and I was paired with a legend Mr. Jerry Moore on the final day. I wonder why at times with such a huge organization we do not have the full field and more, I understand the economics of today. My 2 days In Las Vegas were a blast, lots of fun, camraderie, good golf, great course, great people, I wish I could have stayed for the banquet but needed to catch a flight. May I suggest for future events that someone hold a skins game, and what would it take outside of more of an entry fee and registration to have larger purses. Having said that I am pleased and proud of my association with this organization and will continue to support where and when ever I can. Thanks for making it possible. See you next year!