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  1. James Peters

    Belling Back in Winner's Circle

    Where is the money list? It's not here and it's not on the USGTF website. I'd like to see one by division.
  2. James Peters

    Southeast Region Tournament Results

    Mike Stevens is not just waxing eloquently about World Woods. Both courses are marvelous for a golf tournament -- large fairways, smooth greens, but enough trouble to punish wayward shots. Excellent condition and play was moving right along. Thanks Mike!
  3. James Peters

    August 2010 Editorial

    Jack Nicklaus has had the best answer -- for years now -- and it's regulating the ball they use. Certainly, the ball manufacturers have the technology to tweak the flight distance, and each pro could still use his preferred brand. That way, a number of classic old courses could be returned to competition -- simply adjust the ball to the course. Everybody's distance control numbers would be affected -- but, they are pros and all are affected, so let them adjust. It wouldn't be too hard to make balls for tour pros that work at, say, 6400-6600 yards, 6600-6800 yards, 6800-7000 yards, and so on. I have always felt that the pros should use a hole that is smaller than what typical amateurs use, or amateurs get a bigger hole.