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  1. Scott Rynning

    Help me, help you

    Cools sight Louis - I am going to sign up later and go through it a little more if you don't mind me asking what does it cost to run the vBulletin on a monthly basis? - i am in the process of developing a web page with this addition to come at a later date. thanks scott
  2. Scott Rynning

    Something seems to have changed

    Hey Steve The forum for sure has slowed down a little. My experience in forums is that you will have times where it grows rapidly and a lot of good information is being thrown around, and then there will be times when it is slow, like now. I do not know why, myself I have a lot going on and do not have the time to put into it right now, maybe that is for others as well. But I always am lurking in the back ground I am sure in time we will go through another spurt of good conversation soon enough. scott
  3. Scott Rynning

    P.A.T. at the Las Vegas Muni, April 1st.

    William at what level where you a starting pitcher? Majors, Minors, College, or HS Just curious, scott
  4. Scott Rynning

    P.A.T. at the Las Vegas Muni, April 1st.

    I saw Williams post and the first thing I said to myself before seeing Bills advice Bill was - William just believe in yourself - great minds do think alike Bill - LOL - But seriously William, visualize yourself having success and feeling what it will be like going through your round - and no matter what happens it will not change who you are! Lighten up and do not over try...it is only a game...If is happens, awesome...if it does not just look at it as another area that you need to improve upon in your journey to get where you are going! I promise it will make you that much of a better teacher. play well!
  5. Scott Rynning

    Liability Insurance

    Thank you Jenifer! That why I love this forum...very efficient
  6. Scott Rynning

    Liability Insurance

    Hey Guys, Does anybody know who we can get liability insurance through? I recall one of our members offered this service a few years back and was wondering if he still did. thanks scott
  7. Scott Rynning

    Structures for practice and teaching

    Steve where did you set it up? Did you have to pay rent for the area in which you set it up at? Any other details would be appreciated. Great idea!
  8. Scott Rynning


    Bill, Is that the Max Out Golf that was founded by Mitch Vogues? Awesome services, I have used Golf Ball Selector to find out that ProV1 is my ball for life...
  9. Scott Rynning


    Dave, Does he play any other sports? If so, what are his dominant tendencies in those sports? Does he bat lefty or righty? Hockey? - These are more side on sports and could give you a better understanding of where his strengths are...
  10. Scott Rynning

    Swing Analysis

    Greg you bring up a great point...I think to much instruction today is focused on positions and obtaining those position and not truly focusing on ball flight...The great instructors of years past focused on ball flight and the great instructors today still focus on ball flight, but then use video to reinforce and refine what they already know. I also think that as an instructor you need to have in your arsenal a variety of ways to get across what you want them to do and video is certainly an important part of that. Heck, Golftec is building quit a business model with the use of video and 3D motion analsys. Next thing you know people will be playing Pebble Beach by hitting balls into a screen...oh wait, they already do that... take care,
  11. Scott Rynning


    Mike I would rather have an individual who is willing to learn and work harder at something than an individual who is talented and just sits around, given enough time the one who is working harder will surpass the talented one. If you do not know how to teach all that means is that you have to work harder to learn. Teaching is a learned skill, what empowers you is the ability to continue learning and acquiring knowledge in the journey...You want to grow, learn how to master something in your lifetime! My question to you is why do you teach? Either an individual can play or they can't, right?...If they can't why bother with them? As an instructor it is our responsibility to teach those who can't play golf - that is the bread and butter of the industry...bring our passion to them so that they can enjoy all that golf has to offer. Some of the best teachers are the one who could not teach in the beginning, they had fear that they where not equiped with the right knowledge, but what they had was a thirst to be the best and they kept on learning...they never closed themselves to information that is out there. IMHO there has never been a better time to be a USGTF instructor - information is readily available at our finger tips...hopefully we can turn this forum into an arena where we can exchange ideas and thoughts and provide help to if any of us that may be stuck with a student. Photobucket and U-tube are great tools to use to upload content and provide links to view swings and make suggestions. BTW I like the logo! catchy... take care, scott
  12. Scott Rynning


    Ken you can go to EZ-Up and have your canopy custom made http://www.ezupdirect.com/custom.htm I am not to sure whether USGTF will allow you to send them the logo or not...worth asking I have used them before and are very durable and easily portable - given what it is... Take care, Scott
  13. I am always up for a great instruction book. My favorite still to date is Hogans Five Lesson. It was great 15 years ago when I read it the first time and even better when I read it this winter twice. I have also read both Hardy's books & DVD's and have found them to be outstanding. What are some of you favorite instruction books? Scott
  14. Scott Rynning


    Absolutely agree - I think that anybody buying a new driver should find a dealer with vector launch monitor or something equivalent and get FITTED...shaft selection is paramount and the ability to reduce side spin can make all the difference in the world, both things can be easily picked up on the monitor...find a good club fitter and stay with him for life...& then recommend your students to go! Irons included...