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    I am of course interested in golf on several levels. I play several local events each year. My 14 yr. old son is turning into quite a golfer and finished third in the state last year. Most importantly I teach, coach and am involved with 2 junior tours in the state.<br /><br />As a addict to being busy I also coach basketball and am very proud of my daughter as well. Family is always first.
  1. warren root

    Looking for Golf Destinations to include non golfers

    There are 2 resorts here in WV that are nice, but I'm not sure about the guest teaching privilege. 1. Glade Springs Resort - Fantastic facility with 3 fabulous courses and a spa. 2. Stonewall Jackson Resort - has a nice Arnold Palmer designed course and a spa. Let me know if I can help.
  2. warren root

    Looking for Golf Destinations to include non golfers

    When are you looking to travel?
  3. warren root

    Tourney Results Are In

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the tournament!! I would especially like to Thank Craig for hosting a great event. The course,staff and fellow professionals were awesome! I highly recommend this event if you can work it into your schedule next year! Best of luck to everyone I met this weekend and thanks for the educational moments supplied by Bill and Matt !! See ya next year!
  4. warren root

    P.A.T. at the Las Vegas Muni, April 1st.

    William, First of all - Good Luck! I see you have already gotten some great advice and I won't restate it. I will however give you a little piece of advice that I use and several of my students have used to win several events.... If you have a 36 hole qualifier.. You have 36 tournaments that day. Play each tournament(hole) and then start your next tournament. You have a chance to have 36 wins that day, but 30 wins isn't bad. I have used this approach to develop a tactic for forgetting the hole I just played- whether a birdie or a bogey - it doesn't matter I have another tournament to play. Give it a try the next time you get out to play and see what you think. Hope it helps!