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  1. Craig Wolfe

    August 2010 Editorial

    ahhh Billy - You are always thinking! Limiting distance by creating balls for Tour Pros would seem to be the most logical. Some of the great older courses could be used again instead of having to create monsterous courses for tour events only.
  2. Craig Wolfe

    Tourney Results Are In

    You are all very welcome!!! Although the field was small - I was very impressed with the quality of the individuals who participated. All were extremely Professional (even our amateur friend Bill ) and all were a pleasure to meet, play with and share experiences with. I hope that we can have a larger turnout next year - I think we will all benefit from meeting and networking with other Professionals within the organization. As Bill stated, the team format allows for a more fun yet still competitive tournament. Matthew - I will pass on your Thanks to Tom and Jon. Special Thanks to Guy, Warren and Gedd for making the long trip to NJ from FL, WVa and CT. Hope to see everyone again soon!
  3. Craig Wolfe

    Tourney Results Are In

    THANKS to all who participated in the tournament. I hope more will join us next year as we all had a great time playing with and meeting other Professionals within the organization.
  4. Craig Wolfe

    Tourney Results Are In

    Thanks Brian - Have a Great weekend!
  5. Craig Wolfe

    Tourney Results Are In

    Hey Matthew - Tournament starts at 12 - Range balls are included. I'm expecting players to arrive around 11. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!
  6. Craig Wolfe

    Tourney Results Are In

    The Northeast Team Challenge is right around the corner so please send in your registrations so we can have a great event and the opportunity to get together to network. Hope to see many new faces at Town & Country at the end of June and I'm looking forward to catching up with some "old" friends as well. The registration form preceeds this post but if you have any questions don't hesitate to call or email - I'll be glad to help out in any way I can. Town & Country 856-769-8333 Craig Wolfe cell 302-985-1622 cwolfe@tcgolflinks.com Have a great day!
  7. Craig Wolfe

    Tourney Results Are In

    USGTF Northeast Regional Team Challenge June 27 & 28, 2009 Town & Country Golf Links Woodstown, New Jersey www.tcgolflinks.com Tournament Entry • $195 per person includes 18 holes Sat. and Sun. w/cart • Register as a two-player team or an individual (if team, each player must register) • Daily format and Overall winners • Closest to the pin prizes both days • Networking dinner on Saturday night • Special Tournament gift Name _____________________________________________ Member # __________ Level _________ Address _____________________________________________________ __ City ____________________________ _________ State __________ Zip ______________ Phone _______________________________ email ___________________________________________ Partner’s name __________________________________________ ___ Mail, fax or email form, with payment, no later than (June 13th) to: USGTF Team Challenge Town & Country Golf Links Forms submitted without payment will not be processed. PO Box 170 Woodstown, NJ 08098 Fee: $195.00 ______ Check (payable to Town & Country Golf Links) ______ MasterCard _____ VISA ______ AMEX ______ Discover Card Number __________________________________ Exp. date ___________ 3-digit security code _______ Card Holder Name ____________________________________ Signature ____________________________________________ For more information please contact Craig Wolfe at (856)769-8333 or (877) TC-LINKS cwolfe@tcgolflinks.com Town & Country is a 4-star rated golf course and is a regular site for USGTF Certification classes.
  8. Craig Wolfe

    P.A.T. at the Las Vegas Muni, April 1st.

    Hey William - A bunch of good advice so far. Just want to add one point that I try to get across to my College team. Try to avoid puuting pressure on yourself to hit great tee balls. Pars are made with your approach shots and short game. Keep it in play off the tee even if that means reaching green in regulation will be difficult on longer holes. There are many ways to make par and bogey's won't hurt you since you get some shots to play with. If you do find trouble off the tee, I ask my kids to change their mindset for the hole. Instead of figuring out a way to make par from trouble - figure out the best way NOT to make double. Like others have said - Trust yourself and your game. You know you have the ability and it's not a matter of IF you'll pass but when. Best of Luck!
  9. Craig Wolfe

    Printign Services?

    Hey guys - I just went to my local printer with the logo for my first set of cards. After that, my local guy gave me some more creative options to consider. My suggestion wouyld be to design something that fits your personality and teaching style. Maybe you have a phrase or philosophy that students will relate to you specifically and remember you b/c of it. Good Luck!
  10. Craig Wolfe

    Help me, help you

    Hey Louis - Sounds like an offer too good to pass up!
  11. Craig Wolfe

    Equipment Discount

    Hey Ken - That's a nice offer. I would be interested in discussing (off Forum) - maybe I will be able to add Heavy Putter for the Pro Shop. Would like to know more about pricing. Thanks
  12. Craig Wolfe

    Help me, help you

    Hey Louis - Just letting you know that I'm going to give you some feedback - but there its a lot so give me a couple days. Didn't want to think that we were leaving you hanging. Initial (quick) look made me want go back when I have more time and really see the whole site - lokks interesting.
  13. Craig Wolfe

    Ireland Tours..

    I was reading about the Ireland trips that are oganized bt member Greg O'Kane and was curious if anyone has been involved in one of these trips. Looks like fun and a good way to do it with a member on the inside leading the way. has anyone tried this yet?
  14. Craig,

    Congrats on being named Examiner of the year!


  15. Craig Wolfe


    ABSOLUTELY! What a great way to market the organization AND its' members!