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    My interest are teaching and playing golf, gym
  1. Sheldon Rundel

    Non-Conventional Teaching

    I agree. Due to biomechanics and the build of everyperson being so different there can truely be no one perfect swing. a look at the pga tour is a great example, everyone has different swings but impact is almost or identically the same. its not whats right for everyone else its whats right for that person. The whole goal of teaching somebody for competition is to find what makes them hit the ball more consistent and if theyre lucky further. and also something that many people dont realize which i believe is that you will not use the same swing your whole life. it will constantly change whether its just a little nuance or a major change. Your body grows and changes, and many people even alot of the pros develop health problems like arthritis, worn out ligaments or other ailments which cause a need for a changed swing to improve or keep up there competitive level.
  2. Sheldon Rundel

    Looking for job In oklahoma city area.

    It seems to be that way. like you say many are pga or nothing. There is one In oklahoma city that i remember that honors it. thanks for your comment! may all go well for you!
  3. My name is Sheldon Rundel and I have been looking for a job to use my Level III training in for almost a year. It seems that no golf courses or instructional facilities in the oklahoma area honor the usgtf or their members at all. If anyone needs help, has a job offer, or know someone who might need services please contact me. Thank You, Sheldon Rundel
  4. Happy 19th B'day to you Sheldon!

    Nick McErlane




  6. Sheldon Rundel

    Training/Teaching Aids

    Yes that is more than likely what it was used for, also any other object of similar size could be used as well. I have seen this work very well for people but then for others do nothing for them, if u try this and see your student struggling always tell them to do slow swings about 25% speed and have them do about ten of these then step off then hit no more than two full speed shots. This is a great way to build muscle memory and groove a correct swing path easily.