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  1. Pat Phillips

    P.A.T. at the Las Vegas Muni, April 1st.

    Louis, I will be taking the next PAT at Tan Tara golf club in North Tonawanda on May 01. I did take one last year at Webster. I liked the course and played 3 practice rounds which all were under the target score, just messed up the real deal. There is another scheduled for Webster in June, but I am going to pass at Tan Tara so I won't be playing at Webster this year. That is the plan and I'm sticking to it!!
  2. Pat Phillips

    P.A.T. at the Las Vegas Muni, April 1st.

    Tom, I will be taking the PGA PAT this spring for the fourth time here in Western NY section. I missed the first by 8 strokes, the second by 5 and the third by 3. I didn't have a caddie any of those times, but the second and third time we were allowed to use gps which helped a lot. At the Pga section meeting in the fall the leaders mentioned that caddies were not going to be allowed in the future PAT's because no one that used a caddie had passed anyway. I hope they don't stick to that statement because I would like to try a PAT with a caddie. I agree with you that sometimes you need someone to keep you calm and keep you from blowing up. The PGA PAT is a little more demanding than the USGTF PAT, they go by the course rating times 2 + 15. ( course rating 70x2=140+15=155) 155 becomes the target score which is played 36 hloes in 1 day.
  3. Pat Phillips

    Synthetic Greens and Tees

    Thanks David, I might take you up on that. My green was the first job this guy did so I know he needs more experience to get it right. He did it for the cost of the materials in exchange for me pushing his business to my students and in the shop to customers. I would feel bad telling him things aren't quite right. He is not really a golfer so the breaks he put in are not realistic. The whole idea is to practice making putts not have the ball dive away from the hole. Maybe we can get a round of golf in when it warms up.
  4. Pat Phillips

    Synthetic Greens and Tees

    Thanks Dave, that does help.
  5. Pat Phillips

    Synthetic Greens and Tees

    David, I had a putting green installed in my yard this past summer. A friend of mine was just getting started as a side business, he is certified through and installs Mirage putting greens. I'm happy with the quality of the material, but he built in some crazy breaks which I'd like to change. What material would you recommend to smooth out the base? He has crushed stone topped with sand.