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  1. Bill Bush

    June 2011 Editorial #3

    Way to go Suzy! Enjoy your posts! #2 should be #1. It is amazing how many people try to play good golf with the grip in the middle of their hand and not under the pad. Just look at the ware on the average golf glove, a dead give-a-way of a bad grip.
  2. Bill Bush

    May 2011 Editorial #1

    So the new definition of OPEN is "a few spots"? Shame on them!
  3. Bill Bush

    August 2010 Editorial

    And instead of two 9 hole sides, i would like to see three 6 hole courses. So people who are short on time could get in a quick 6 and I could refill my beer cooler more often...just sayng.
  4. Bill Bush

    Event Postponed

    It is my understanding that the North East Tournament was also canceled for lack of something or another. Must be something in the water...
  5. Bill Bush

    Tourney Results Are In

    I have to say that I was reluctant to be involved much less play with my limitations in the game. I will be the first to say that I am glad I overcame my individual fears and actually tee'd it up with the Pro's, speaking as a Certified Amateur. The point I am trying to make is that a partnered event may just increase participation in the future to the USGTF Sanctioned Golf Tournaments. Yes there still needs to be the one on one who is the best deal; however, if you want numbers and members networking together, I would highly recommend the team format that was used at the N/E Tourney. I wasn't half as anxious as I thought I would be playing and really enjoyed meeting my fellow USGTF instructors who played. If I can swing it in the future, I would gladly do it again.
  6. Bill Bush

    Tourney Results Are In

    Matthew, I found this earlier post from Craig. Hope it helps you out. Warren Root and I are also attending and look forward to meeting you. QUOTE (Craig Wolfe @ Jan 8 2009, 10:45 AM) Hey Everybody - Just wanted to invite everybody to the Northeast Regional Team Challenge tournament and clarify the dates. First - this is a 2 person - 2 day team event with different team formats. There will be some cash prizes and contests but (more importantly) it'll be a great opportunity to play some golf and meet or reunite with other USGTF member Pros in the Northeast and beyond. All are Welcome! Second - The dates in the current Golf Teaching Pro are incorrect. The dates are listed as June 26-27 but the copy reads Saturday and Sunday. The tournament will be Saturday & Sunday June 27-28 at Town & Country Golf Links in Woodstown, NJ. Sorry for the confusion. You can register as a team or as an individual. I will help pair individuals players for the tournament. There will also be a dinner on Saturday night for all players - others are encouraged to attend the dinner even if playing in the tournament is not possible. Please feel free to contact me for more info. My cell phone is 302-985-1622 or just email me. Thanks - Hope to see (and meet) many of you in June! Hey Everybody - Here are some choices for hotel rooms for the Northeast Regional Team Challenge: Hampton Inn, 429 North Broadway, Pennsville, NJ 08070 856-351-1700 Comfort Inn, 634 Soders Rd., Carney's Point, NJ 08069 856-299-8282 Holiday Inn Select, 1 Pureland Dr., Swedesboro, NJ 08085 856-467-3322 Hampton Inn, 2 Pureland Dr., Swedesboro, NJ 08085 856-467-6200 Hope this helps and Hope to see many of you in June! Let me know if you need any help.
  7. Bill Bush

    Something seems to have changed

    That's the spirit!
  8. Bill Bush

    Something seems to have changed

    Steve, They make pills for that. Nick was true in his point about the Forum and who could read what was in it and well within his right to express his opinion. Whether or not that had anything to do with the content and subject matter of the postings to follow is quite suppositional. However, when Mark gets an answer from Geoff about this matter and we are informed of the direction it will go in, I believe it will have an effect on how people share personal info going forward. If it is to be open for the public to view, I would suggest at least we have a private "teacher to teacher" section where we will see less redaction of the subject matter.
  9. Bill Bush

    P.A.T. at the Las Vegas Muni, April 1st.

    Craig, I played a lot of golf with an old Pro who is now putting in Heaven. He always said when I screwed up a tee shot on a par 4, "just play it like a par 5 and make birdie". The more time I spend on the Forum, the more I hear Brian and Scott's positive mental thought process coming through loud and clear.
  10. Bill Bush

    P.A.T. at the Las Vegas Muni, April 1st.

    William, Believe in yourself and lean on your short game. If it is any help, I left my driver in the hotel when I took my PAT in Myrtle Beach. I didn't have to take a single penalty stroke. I played yesterday at my home course with my driver and I know this course like the back of my hand and can't say it didn't cost me a few strokes... Keep it in play, and Good Luck!
  11. Bill Bush

    Structures for practice and teaching

    Now your thinking. Renting simulator time to offset building costs can grow into winter leagues....
  12. Bill Bush

    Structures for practice and teaching

    Hi Steven, Great info and thanks for sharing. I guess I missed it in GTP. My question is to heat in the winter. I live in Delaware and today it is 25 and snowing. How comfortable can it be to the client for a 3 hour period ( average length of performance fitting) in these conditions and do you know heating choices and average costs of same.
  13. Bill Bush


    That's good to know Jack. Our trip over a few years ago worked out, but there were issues. The first company, can't recall their name this second, but as it got closer to the trip we found out they couldn't guarantee our tee times at the Old Course. We changed to Perry Golf and still had some issues on false promises about buggy use for one player who had some disabilities.
  14. Bill Bush


    Woody, 30 hours if I remember correctly. As much as I would love to, I couldn't do you a good service without fitting you in person nor do I believe anyone could. My offer is to do your or your students repairs or re-shafts or help you get the equipment you need to do your own work at discounted prices to help you grow your business from just teaching to include equipment offering and or repair service. Hope this clears up the Member to Member Service that I am willing to offer...