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  1. Any change on your role in the US/Can Cups this fall?   I am contacting Marc Ray early next week to go over a few details and ideas for some fun events. Anything you would like me to pass on or get info on?

    Hope to see you in Oct.


  2. Cole Golden

    Are you ready??!!??

    Okay folks, we are less than 60 days out to this years US and World Golf Teachers Cup in wonderful Las Vegas! Registrations are open and starting to fill up. Please call Jennifer or Suzy at the home office to sign up, 888-346-3290. Along with four rounds of golf and many other exciting things this year will host the 1st ever WGTF Teaching Symposium. Bruce Sims, Matt Smith, Dave Belling and Michael Wolf will be presenting over many different topics. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, colegolden@yahoo.com Getting Excited and can't wait to see everyone!! Cole Cole Golden