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    International PGA

    The International PGA Ltd., headquartered in Nassau, Bahamas has recently been incorporated under new leadership. It provides PGA members from every golfing nation the first opportunity ever to belong to one organization of professional golfers. Prior to the establishment of the International PGA Ltd. many national PGA entities did not recognize PGA members from other countries. According to International PGA president Glenn Pratt, "This made no sense." "If a PGA member from the Bahamas, Canada or elsewhere immigrated, for instance, to the United States, they were asked to completely redo their qualifications with the PGA of America. No questions asked. "Ironically, however, if a PGA of America member comes to the Bahamas, they expect the royal carpet! The International PGA Ltd., however, is an organization of inclusion and sets an example of true equality.” The good news for the USGTF and the WGTF is that Glenn Pratt is a USGTF member as well as a member of our Golf Managers Association, having taken the course last May. The International PGA Ltd. recognizes and endorses all of our programs. And USGTF members, if they so desire, are eligible to join the International PGA Ltd. For more information please contact Glenn Pratt at info@InternationalPGA.com.
  2. We as USGTF members should stay alert abut the IPGA. It (membership) would add additional support for our stance as PROFESSIONAL. GLENN BARTON

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    Welcome to the board dedicated to current WGTF and International PGA members. We look forward to a good exchange of ideas. Remember, this board is ours, but we have to respect a certain decorum. As we are professionals, we expect exchanges on this board to be of a professional nature. Also, real names must be used. Nicknames or monikers such as "GolfDude1" will not be allowed. There will be no anonymity here. Let's have some good, productive conversations and make our organization and ourselves the best we can be when it comes to the profession of teaching golf. Mark Harman