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  2. Grant Gulych

    US cup practice round

    We are looking for a 4th player on Saturday October 4th. We have a tee time at 2:45 pm. Brent Davies, Mark Harman and myself. Email me at grant@ggolfs.com if you want to join us.
  3. mike perez

    usgtf cup

    I welcome the changes of the Amateur partner participation on the USGTF Tournament, think should have done years ago. I will do my best to play and bring am amateur partner depending on family restriction to travel etc. since this have been the reasons that I have not be participating on the last few eventys. Mike Perez Golf Professional/Golf Course Manager Grayslake Golf Course Master Golf Teacher/USGTF Hall of Fame 2150 Drury Lane WGTF top 100 World Golf Teacher Grayslake Il 60030 Email wgtftop60@sbcglobal.net 847-548-4713 www.mikeperezgolf.com Email mperez@glpd.com
  4. Great to see several USGTF member names participating in this event! Thank you for the results, Mike.
  5. Always looking for great interview guests to be featured on my radio broadcasts, Golf Talk Live & Women of Golf Show. I have interviewed some of the best in the Golf Profession.
    I'm also interested in individuals or businesses who are looking to add Golf as a effective business tool.
    Best Always,
  6. Boca Pro wins the 2019 US Professional Hickory Golf Championship The Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club opened in 1922 and laid out by noted architect Tom Bendelow, was described by the Tampa Tribune as a brute of a course stretching out over 6,400 yards. Probably not worthy by today’s standard but a stout test for the century old clubs used back then. The links held up well against some excellent modern-day hickory golfers with Boca Raton professional Jeremy Moe carding a 77 to have his name affixed to the John Shippen Cup. Using a 1908 replica ball Jeremy shot the same score that Willie Smith did the first round at Myopia Hunt Club in the 1908 US Open. The winning average for 4 rounds in that Open was 80.5. Leaderboard Jeremy Moe 77 $1,200 Thomas Garnier 80 $900 Jeff Leonard 81 $530 Mark Harman 81 $530 Steve Herron 81 $530 Tom McCrary 82 $300 James Lowe 83 $125 Joe Mentz 83 $125 Keith Wightman 83 $125 Wally Armstrong 83 $125 Jennifer Cully 84 $100 Mike Stevens 86 $100 Gregor Jamieson 87 Duke Trombetti 88 Kyle Quinn 96 Ezra Evans NC Jim Cocchi NC Earl Hines NC
  7. Southeast Championship Returns to FL Favorite Glen Lakes Country Club May 18 & 19, 2019 – Entry Fee $175 The private course is challenging, beautiful and impeccably maintained. Mature stands of oak and pine, water features, undulating hills and sand traps provide endless variations of play. A prize fund of $1,000 and the Southeast Trophy is assured with a field of 12 players. It is also a good opportunity to catch up with fellow members and plan future events for the section. Entry deadline is July 15th. Questions, contact Mike Stevens at ams1127@msn.com. Entries should be sent to the USGTF office at: Entry deadline is May 10th. Entries should be sent to the USGTF office at: USGTF 200 S Indian River Drive, Suite #206 Fort Pierce, FL 34950 If paying with credit card, call the office directly at 888-346-3290.
  8. James Peters

    Regional Tournament Info Posted?

    O Great Champion from the North -- I'll turn the Central Regional trophy to show your name when my picture is taken!!!
  9. Grant Gulych

    Regional Tournament Info Posted?

    Hey Jim, I am planning to be in Texas in May and will see you in August hopefully as well. I will try to show your name when i hold up the trophy !!!!!!! LOL
  10. Jennifer Russakis

    Regional Tournament Info Posted?

    Thank you, Jim
  11. James Peters

    Regional Tournament Info Posted?

    Thanks, Jennifer, and good job!
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