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  2. Grant Gulych

    US cup practice round

    We are looking for a 4th player on Saturday October 4th. We have a tee time at 2:45 pm. Brent Davies, Mark Harman and myself. Email me at grant@ggolfs.com if you want to join us.
  3. mike perez

    usgtf cup

    I welcome the changes of the Amateur partner participation on the USGTF Tournament, think should have done years ago. I will do my best to play and bring am amateur partner depending on family restriction to travel etc. since this have been the reasons that I have not be participating on the last few eventys. Mike Perez Golf Professional/Golf Course Manager Grayslake Golf Course Master Golf Teacher/USGTF Hall of Fame 2150 Drury Lane WGTF top 100 World Golf Teacher Grayslake Il 60030 Email wgtftop60@sbcglobal.net 847-548-4713 www.mikeperezgolf.com Email mperez@glpd.com
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